Yellow-Green Cat Snake ହଳଦୀ-ସବୁଜ ଡାଳି ସାପ

2-Mildly Venomous

Snake Type:

Common Name: Yellow-green cat snake
Odia Name: ହଳଦୀ-ସବୁଜ ଡାଳି ସାପ
Zoological Name: Boiga flaviviridis

Mildly venomous. Long body & laterally flattened, smooth-scaled. Head distinctly broader than neck; tail very long. Eyes with yellow iris and black vertical elliptic pupil. Dorsum yellowish-green, with dark black bars; inter-scalar skin yellow; venter unpatterned, uniform yellow of a rich intensity; supra-labials partly yellow; a black ocular streak present