Banded Kukri କୁକ୍ରି ସାପ

Common Name: Banded Kukri 
Odia Name: କୁକ୍ରି ସାପ
Zoological Name: Oligodon arnensis
Family: Colubridae
WL(P)A – Schedule – IV

Non-venomous. Smooth scaled. Typical ‘Ʌ’ shaped marks seen as on other kukri snakes; round pupil in eyes. Pointed tip in short tail. Brown back with 10-20 distinct black or dark brown bands and three ‘Ʌ’ shaped marks of same color on head. The cross-bands with variable. Often mistaken as the Banded Krait with body – triangular in cross-section, enlarged hexagonal scales along the midback and distinctly rounded tail tip.

Look-alikes: Banded Krait

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