Snakes Of Odisha

Snakes Of Odisha

Snakes Of Odisha

Snakes Of Odisha


Odisha is home to about 80 snakes including sea snakes which are deadly venomous. We have presented some snakes that are commonly available in Odisha, which will updated from time to time as we get photographs of other snake species.

The photographs shall help the common man and health care providers in proper identification of the snakes of Odisha.

(All the sea snakes are venomous. We will be updating photographs of the sea snakes subsequently)

(We invite photographs of snakes of Odisha from photographers. We will publish the photos by acknowledging with names. Send high resolution photographs to


  • The snakes look mostly similar and found in Odisha are also mentioned as “Look-alikes”.
  • The snakes are marked 3 coloured circles, i.e. red – venomous, orange – mildly venomous, and green – non-venomous.

Venomous snakes:

Venomous snakes contain specialised venom apparatus to deliver venom into its prey; venom gland to produce & store venom, fangs to inject, compressor muscles to apply pressure, and other sophisticated mechanisms. In India the venomous snakes are normally front fanged.

Snake venoms are complex mixtures of enzymes and proteins of various sizes and other components.

Snake venom can cause minor local effects to serious systemic effects on human body. Death can occur within few minutes to few hours depending on the type of the snake, condition of the bite etc.

Mildly venomous snakes:

Few snakes that can cause minor local effects on bite. They are usually termed as Mildly venomous snakes. They are rear fanged snakes, but they do not have venom glands. They actually posses Duvernoy’s gland, and their venom is injected trough grooved teeth.

Mildly venomous snakes of India have a less toxic venom, that do not cause fatality.

In Odisha we have observed no to very negligible symptoms from mildly venomous snakebite; people should not worry much.

Non-venomous snakes:

Theses snakes do not have any venom apparatus. They are harmless snakes. Other than 2 Pythons seen in Odisha, no other snake has the capacity to harm humans. However, the pathogens present in the mouth of non-venomous snake can cause infection at the bite site. 

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