Russell’s viper ଚନ୍ଦନ ବୋଡା

Venomous- Haemotoxic 
Common Name: Russell’s viper 
Odia Name: ଚନ୍ଦନ ବୋଡା
Zoological Name: Daboia russelii
Family: Viperidae
WL(P)A – Schedule – I

Scales strongly keeled. Stout body, rough appearance. Triangular head broader than neck. The scales on the upper surface of head small strongly keeled. Nostril very large. Vertical pupil in eye. Tail short. Brown or yellowish-brown body with 3 longitudinal series of prominent, large brown or black oval or round spots. Top of the head usually has narrow white shaped mark and a pair of triangular or oval dark brown markings.

Look-alikes: Common sand boa
Indian rock python

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